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About Us

about us
about us

What is Beedamall?

Beedamall was created as part of a Mega ecosystem of online and on demand services, where users can find everything they do on their mobile in one place, under one tap, at Beeda you’ll be empowered to drive impact across the world, working with our talented team to build a world class product that nations will run on.

whether you’re creating codes for our Mega- App or finding new ways to bring our platform to the people in your city. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow every day, and develop your skills alongside talented and inspiring people from around the Globe.

about us

Our motive

Beeda leaders are purpose driven and motivated. To keep on pushing the boundaries forward, by leveraging technology to simplify and improve lives of millions.

We are building an awesome organisation, and a global platform that offers subscription model over the old commission system, therefore allowing vendors, drivers and businesses to earn more, our vison at Beeda is to always remember that the only way to win is for everyone to win.

about us

Small business

Beeda is determined to continue partnering with small business owners in the local community and believes that creating the soil for small businesses to grow and making the local community prosperous is the way for Beeda to truly grow.

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about us

Grow Business with
Beeda Mega App

Beeda customers can easily and quickly access the products of small business owners starting their business through Beeda Mega Platform, allowing small business owners to acquire more sales opportunities based on customer trust in Beeda platform. 

The growth of these small businesses leads to the development of the local economy, and leads to a virtuous cycle of win-win growth with the local community, sellers, and customers.

Thank you

Thank you for being a loyal customer, partner, or vendor, we look
forward to serving you for many generations to come,
Beeda Let’s Go Further Together